The Second Round of NRW Mathematics Competition

Seven pupils from our primary school were successful at entering the second round of the country-wide Mathematics competition that took place at the Alzeyer Str. Primary
School on the 5th of February.

Over 100 pupils from Cologne gathered in the assembly hall, like us, they had also made it to the second round. We were called one after the other and taken to different classrooms. Naturally, we were all excited. The school was unfamiliar, we did not know the rooms and I thought that I would definitely not make it to the next round. Fortunately, my friends from my school were with me in the same room and that gave me a good feeling. The rules were explained and the exercise sheets were distributed.

We had exactly 2 hours. When I was reading through the exercises, I was still not sure if I would find the correct solutions because many of the exercises involved critical thinking. When it came to the second and third exercises, I realized that I had already learnt all of these exercises in school. Thank goodness that I had learnt them in advance! Now, I am anxious about the third round, which will take place after the Easter holidays.

Daniel, Class 3-4 EF