Taking Action to Save the Rainforest

In our unit we learned about forests of the earth. We think it is terrible that the rainforest is being destroyed and we want to protect the rainforest. Some of us collected donations over the weekend from family, friends and neighbors. We also presented a little play, sang a song and sold cookies on Open House Day, September 26, in order to raise even more money. Saturday morning we had to immediately dress up in our costumes and take our positions. We kids were really nervous and excited.

Slowly, our audience started coming to our classroom. It felt like we had butterflies in our tummies. Fortunately everything ran smoothly and our rainforest song was really nice too. We explained the meaning of the rainforest to the grown ups and answered questions about it. When we collected a lot of money we were really proud and happy that we could help the rainforest.
(Anna, class 3/4C)


The kids of class 3/4E also collected money to be able to buy a piece of rainforest. On the day of Open House we held a bake sale. Together with the kids from 3/4C we wanted to take action to protect the climate on our planet. We learned over the past weeks what the rainforest means to us people. We know that we receive a lot of our oxygen from the rainforest and that it is home to a huge variety of animals and plants. We want to save this ecosystem. All together we collected €685.

Especially exciting was the hand-over of the money. We wanted to present the money to the organization ‘ Rettet den Regenwald e. V.’ during our last school assembly. We presented them with the check via a Skype conference, since they are located in Hamburg. We could see the head of the organization and another member on the large screen and talk to them. They were really happy about our project. That was nice. Now they will be able to buy a large piece of rainforest with our donation.
(Dean und Louisa, class 3/4E)