Dankurkunde Deutsche Krebshilfe / Flea Market

On the 12.02.2016 there was a flea market in the classes 6a and 6b. Everybody was invited. Lots of students and classes came to buy something. Some people sold old toys. They were many booths with different things. Some sold smoothies and crêpes, some sold waffles, some sold cookies, one booth sold lottery tickets, you could shoot on a goal-wall and play can-knockdown and there was even one booth that had a chocolate fountain! In total both classes made 482 €! The money was donated to people with cancer (German Cancer Aid). It was the idea of the kids to donate the money to people with cancer. They came up with the idea in their English lesson. Their topic was money. So they decided to have a market. Maybe next year there will be a market again.

by Dijan (grade 6)

Here is the certificate from Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Support)