Class Trip to the Max-Planck Institute

On the 10th of February 2015, the Biology grade 11c Class set out for the long awaited trip to the Max-Planck Institute, which is located near the school. It was a chilly morning but we braved the weather and weaved through the Widdersdorf estate enjoying the beautiful scenery of the well-manicured lawns and long quiet road to the institute.


On arrival, we were received by the Lab Manager, Mr. Becker. It didn't take us long to bond with him because he had this warm and welcoming wide smile on his face and a relaxed and friendly approach to the whole trip.

The trip immediately started with simple yet meticulous pipetting exercises which allowed us to learn exactly how to handle the precise instruments. It was exciting to use them for the first time and after several attempts we had mastered the art of pipetting!

As IB Diploma students, we recently studied about nucleic acid and DNA - the code of life - Mr. Becker explained how these essential processes in life can be analysed in the labs. Together, we made DNA samples of young Thale Cress leaves and then followed the procedure for DNA replication. All the while, we - including our Biology teacher, Ms Mutie - were learning eagerly and asked numerous questions!